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8 Affirmations To Start Your Day

Guest post by Liz Dziva-Zimbabwe
8 Affirmations to Say Every Morning Before Getting Up…

Affirmations work wonders. They calm your body, release stress and give you large doses of confidence and happiness. Especially positive affirmations first thing in the morning! (Pray first wamutswa naMwari not ne alarm)

1. I am feeling healthy and strong today.
2. I have all that I need to make this a great day of my life.
3. I have all the information I need to solve any challenges that come up today.
4. I have the knowledge to make smart decisions for myself today.
5. I make the right choices all day using my inner wisdom.
6. I am happy and content with my life.
7. I am patient and calm and greet the day with ease.
8. I am filled with gratitude and kindness for another day on this earth.

Thank you Liz Dziva!

I want to add that the above are the truths spoken to us who connect with God.  The lies we are told, and sometimes believe, are not of God and should not take up any space in our lives.  Pray, meditate, and spend time reflecting on your many blessings.  

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